Paul George Returnz Ta Court Jus\' 11 Weekz Afta Compound Leg Fractua
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New England Patriotz’ Kinbrell Thompkinz Will Emerge az Star n' 2014

Kenbrell Thompkins2 New England Patriots’ Kenbrell Thompkins Will Emerge as Star in 2014

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Spoatz

Da New England Patriotz nee' a wide receiva not name' Julian Edelman ta step up an' embrace a larga role n' 2014. Dude may not be da firs' ta come ta mind, buh Kinbrell Thompkinz be prime' fo'a break out year afta anotha stellar offseason.

Fo'da second year n' a row, Thompkinz haz do be a standout paforma durn' offseason workoutz an' practicez. Altho dat progrezz didn’t real translate ta da field las' season—Thompkinz had medioca producshun n' 2013 wiff 32 recepshunz fo'466 yardz an' four touchdownz—anotha solid sprn' an' summa will help him ta reach da next level.

Thompkinz haz do be thrivn' n' minicamp, nabbn' end zone fade pazzez an' havn' zuccezz agains' Brandon Browna n' one-on-one matchupz. Altho deez be pad-lezz affairz, it’z encouragn' ta see da sofomoa havn' zuccezz agains' da Patriotz’ sudden excellint secondary. Dis could very well be a preview uv thingz ta come n' 2014.

Whi Thompkinz struggle' at pointz n' 2013, it wuz clear dat Tom Brady truste' him n' bigass situashunz—da las'-second win ova da New Orleanz Saintz be a phat example uv dis chemistry. Expect Brady ta look fo'Thompkinz a lot moe dis season, az definzez will be focuse' on stoppn' Edelman, Brandon LaFell, an' uv course Rob Gronkowski.

Wiff moe pazzez comn' dude way, Thompkinz will be da chance ta see da fruitz uv dude offseason laba. Dude be reminiscint uv a forma favorite target uv Brady—da legindary Troy Brown. Like Brown, Thompkinz haz a tindensee ta be whea Brady expectz him ta be. Az long az dude keepz dat up, Thompkinz should be at leas' 70 recepshunz, 1,000 yardz an' eite touchdownz. Wiff numberz like dat, Thompkinz will make a name fo'hizzef n' da NFL.

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