WWE Predicshunz: Tyson Kidd Be Da Bunny
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I hated every minute of training, but I said, Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.?”
   — Muhammad Ali

Closa Casey Janssen not happy wiff Toronto’z stand-pat deadline approach

Da Blue Jayz wuz connecte' ta jus' about every available playa on da trade market ova da pass few monthz, an' fo'phat reason. They pitchn' staff nee'e' a boos', an' injuriez ta key posishun playerz meant da offinse nee'e' help, too. Dere wuz improvemintz ta be made.

Buh da Blue Jayz did very lil n' da weekz leadn' ta da Ju 31 non-waiva trade deadline, on makn' from a few movez dat baa registere' on da transacshunz lis'. Da playerz notice'. Especial closa Casey Janssen, who let dude feelingz be known ta MLB.com repoata Grega Chisholm

From da interview: 

“Fo'uz not ta do anythn', mos' uv uz had some ideaz dat we wuz gonna ta improve dis club a lil bit. It’z unfoatunate we didn’t. At da same time, we jus' be ta do what we be ta do ta win gamez an' try ta find wayz ta get inta da playoffz. Yez, it wuz frustratn' buh we be ta play tonite …”

An' dis … 

“I jus' think from 'n overall perspective uv all deez teamz gettn' betta, we know it’z gonna ta be a to time fo'uz. One dat isn’t impossible buh we’a gonna ta be ta do everythn' rite. Obviouz, we value our prozpectz, we value our playerz, I’m aho da otha teamz do az well. Maybe dey jus' value da playa o'da oppoatunitee ta get inta da playoffz moe. It takez somethn' ta get somethn' an' congratulashunz ta dose teamz dat gots dose guyz.”

An' dis … 

“Maybe moe disappointn' jus' cuz dis be probab one uv da firs' timez we be do be relevant. Otha trade deadlinez, it zeemz like peeps be kind uv wondern' if it’z gonna ta be me, who’z it gonna ta be gonna da otha direcshun. Buh I think a lot uv guyz, dere wuz some excitemint n' da clubhouse dat somethn' wuz gonna ta (happen). Now we be ta regroup an' jet out an' be a phat zeriez agains' Houston.”

An' dis … 

“Hopeful it bringz uz togetha an' we jus' be dis, I don’t what ta say what da heck attitude, buh hey, we’ll jus' run wiff dis underdog, everyone be kind uv countn' uz out, type uv attitude. Again, if we be a May like we had an' it happinz ta be fo'deez next two monthz an' inta da playoffz, I think we can beat anybody. I think our startn' pitchn' haz do be don' well an' wen our offinse hitz, we’a az phat az anybody. I guezz dat’z jus' what our ral cry be gonna ta be.”

You get da point. Dude’z not too thrille' at da momint. 

Toronto opine' play Friday a game-an'-a-half behind da Oriolez n' da AL Eas'. Dey currint own da second wild-card spot, three gamez ahead uv Seattle.

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